Please share your experience with Dulo Real Estate. We have helped many people through the years, and are committed to providing professional and courteous service for years to come. CONTACT US and share your story. Here are a few of ours:

“I had several complicated liens attached to my property. Could not have sold it without Dulo Real Estate. Their team worked through the complexities, I received more cash than I expected and peace of mind from my stressful situation.”

Teresa L. -North Carolina

“Our family had to relocate for a new job I accepted. Dulo made us a fair offer on our property and handled the transaction in a timely manner. We moved cross country, by the time we settled into our new home, we had sold our old property at a fair price fast. They handled the entire process while we focused on our move. Thank you again.”

Steven H. -Texas

“Bad tenants literally destroyed my rental property. I could not afford to pay for repairs and did not want to take another chance with renting. Cashed out by selling the property “as is” and pursued other investments with my cash.”

Debbie B- West Virginia

“I was a month away from losing my home to a court sale, had given up and was preparing to lose my property. Can’t believe how fast everything turned around. Dulo managed to close before our deadline, settled my court debts and I received some much needed cash to restart my life. Grateful for the help and support.”

Gregory S- Pennsylvania

“My sister and I inherited a small house across country. Neither of us had time to manage the clean out or sale. Dulo made us a fair offer and saved us the hassle and travel expense of dealing with the property.”

Chad M- California

“Dulo Real Estate lived up to their commitment. Made me a fair offer and got the deal closed fast. Thank you.”

Brian F- Georgia

“Worked with the Dulo team on several transactions this year. They are professional, courteous and diligent in getting deals done.”

Mary T- Realtor, Ohio

“The entire process was easy from start to finish. We were able to close quickly and move into our new home. I am very happy with how things worked out.”

Robert C- Kansas

“Dulo removed the stress of selling my property on my own. Much easier than I expected, kept me informed and updated on progress. Very pleased with the outcome.”

Emily R- Indiana

“We closed and I was paid in less than 30 days from making my first call to Dulo. They lived up to my expectations and delivered exactly what was promised.”

Dan J- Illinois


“Dulo Real Estate managed every detail of our complex transaction efficiently, kept our family informed through every step and we received a check within 30 days.” Linda T.